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Insufficient permissions, unexpected

Hey! I'm doing the API request on the new API version v2021.10. Of course with the oath2 generated token in the header. The request is: curl -X PATCH \ https://api.criteo.com/preview/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/{MY_AD_SET_ID}/category-bids \ -H 'accept: text/plain' \ -H 'authorization: Bearer {MY_AUTH_TOKEN}' \ -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "data": [ { "attributes": { "bidAmount": 0.001 }, "id": "{CATEGORY_ID_1}" }, { "attributes": { "bidAmount": 0.002 }, "id": "{CATEGORY_ID_2}" } ] }' The weird response I have is below: { "data": [], "warnings": [], "errors": [ { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "access-control", "code": "insufficient-permissions", "instance": "@data/0", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "access-control", "code": "insufficient-permissions", "instance": "@data/1", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "validation", "code": "campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times", "instance": "@data/0", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "validation", "code": "campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times", "instance": "@data/1", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null } ] } It says: campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times But I didn't update these categories before, and the update of bids works using an old, legacy API version v2020.07. Please fix it asap, we can't use the new API because of that. Thanks!


Posted by Ilkin Alibayli 2 months ago