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Confirm about the changing of Campaign and Adset in Legacy API and Criteo API?

Dear Criteo API support team,

In Version v2020.07, the Legacy API provides a list of campaigns by the endpoint GET https://api.criteo.com/legacy/marketing/v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/campaigns.

However, since v2021.01, it seems that the above campaign list has changed its name to the Adset list (fetch by endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-01/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/search).

Then, since v2021.07 the Criteo API provided a new endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-07/marketing-solutions/campaigns/search. As I understand, it seems that this Campaign list is different from the campaign list in v2020.07, is at a higher level, and manages the Adset list (or campaign list in v2020.07).

Please help me to confirm that my above perception is correct or not?

Erv David.