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Insufficient permissions, unexpected

Hey! I'm doing the API request on the new API version v2021.10. Of course with the oath2 generated token in the header. The request is: curl -X PATCH \ https://api.criteo.com/preview/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/{MY_AD_SET_ID}/category-bids \ -H 'accept: text/plain' \ -H 'authorization: Bearer {MY_AUTH_TOKEN}' \ -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "data": [ { "attributes": { "bidAmount": 0.001 }, "id": "{CATEGORY_ID_1}" }, { "attributes": { "bidAmount": 0.002 }, "id": "{CATEGORY_ID_2}" } ] }' The weird response I have is below: { "data": [], "warnings": [], "errors": [ { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "access-control", "code": "insufficient-permissions", "instance": "@data/0", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "access-control", "code": "insufficient-permissions", "instance": "@data/1", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "validation", "code": "campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times", "instance": "@data/0", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null }, { "traceIdentifier": "0HMBUCJ6ESRK9:00000004", "type": "validation", "code": "campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times", "instance": "@data/1", "title": "", "detail": null, "source": null, "stackTrace": null } ] } It says: campaign--category-bid-update-check--cannot-update-same-category-bid-amount-multiple-times But I didn't update these categories before, and the update of bids works using an old, legacy API version v2020.07. Please fix it asap, we can't use the new API because of that. Thanks!


Posted by Ilkin Alibayli 24 days ago


API Individual Account Access Issues

Greetings, I'm with SegMetrics - a marketing analytics platform company. We have a few clients who use Criteo and we'd been using the MAPI connection method for quite some time. We've recently learned about the new API requirements and are working to update our systems to accommodate. I'm successfully generating the Consent URL, getting the right permissions, even getting the access_token as expected. The issue is that the access granted is to ALL Criteo accounts who've granted consent to our app. This is problematic for us as we'd expect some method to differentiate between them. Normally, we'd get access, pull a list of the Advertisers/Portfolios, the customer chooses which account(s) they need data for, and we pull in their campaigns, sets, ads, and performance so they can better track their ad spend and ROAS on that. But with no ability to isolate requests to a particular user/account, this is simply unworkable. I read on another post here that you're working on a more "normal" OAuth2 implementation that would generate an access_key that would scope all subsequent requests to that user/account. That sounds precisely like what we need. Do you have any ideas on what that may be available? I'm happy to try a beta version if necessary. Also, I was surprised to see that you're not using a refresh_token at all to generate updated access_tokens, but that may be part of the updated OAuth2 setup that you're working on. Right now, none of our mutual customers can get their Criteo data in to examine, so the sooner the better obviously. 😃 Thanks!

Posted by Bill Wheeler about a month ago