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Country-wise data for campaign metrics like impressions, clicks, cost etc

Hi, Is there any way to get country-wise data for campaign metrics like impressions, clicks, cost etc from the API? what is the dimension name for getting country field ? Regards, Aravinthan S

Problem with some Text and Euro-Sign

Hi there our customer send as a request that on some criteo ads he has problems with wrong shown Euro-Symbol at Price and a missing "-" at a product name. is there a possibilty for me to check the data which are used like facebook dev tool? how do you get these data? it looks like he has this problem just on some pages and not at all Best regards

Confirm about the changing of Campaign and Adset in Legacy API and Criteo API?

Dear Criteo API support team, In Version v2020.07, the Legacy API provides a list of campaigns by the endpoint GET https://api.criteo.com/legacy/marketing/v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/campaigns. However, since v2021.01, it seems that the above campaign list has changed its name to the Adset list (fetch by endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-01/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/search). Then, since v2021.07 the Criteo API provided a new endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-07/marketing-solutions/campaigns/search. As I understand, it seems that this Campaign list is different from the campaign list in v2020.07, is at a higher level, and manages the Adset list (or campaign list in v2020.07). Please help me to confirm that my above perception is correct or not? Sincerely! Erv David.

Alternative endpoints for 'GET /v1/categories' and 'GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories'

Hi, According to the announcement, the endpoint to get categories data 'GET /v1/categories' and 'GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories' will be decommissioned by the end of June 2022. Will there be endpoints to replace those?

Dynamic Consent URL Issue?

Hello we're getting a something went wrong, please try again screen when we generate and test consent urls. It says there's a 500 server error at this request. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () /api/public-consent-requests/validate:1

About the currency of the Placement Report

I'm trying to get data for the Placement Report, which was officially released in v2022.01. I followed the instructions in the "Guides" section and chose "JPY" in the "currency" field of the filters, and made a request. However, the value of "cost" in the response data is the same as the value in EUR. The "currency" field in the response data is set to "JPY". When I use the same advertiser to acquire data for the Statistics Report, I can acquire data in Japanese yen by choosing "JPY". Are there any conditions I need to add to get data in Japanese yen for the Placement Report? <<Specified parameter>> advertiserIds:(Authorized advertiserId) startDate:(Arbitrary date) endDate:(Arbitrary date) format:json timezone:UTC currency:JPY ・dimensions: advertiserId adsetId adsetName environment placement ・metrics: clicks cosPc30d cosPv1d cost cpoPc30d cpoPv1d cvrPc30d cvrPv1d displays revenuePc30d revenuePv1d roasPc30d roasPv1d salesPc30d salesPv1d

Price: parameter not properly formatted

We transmit prices at the "Baset" and "Conversion" event with two decimal places as described in the documentation but the format is still criticized. This is somewhat misleading. Or is another format needed here?

API Access token expiry

Hi Criteo team, Re API Authentication, is there a way to extend the access token expiry? Currently it's set to expire after 15 mins, looking for the option to extend this to at least 8 hours. Thanks!

Data discrepancy API - user interface External

Hi there, We have a data discrepancy in account 49281. When downloading a CSV with the data via user interface the data is the following: "Tag","Sales PC30D (ND)","Umsatz PC30D (ND)" "2021-10-29",19.0000,2018.3000 When querying the same day via API the data is as follows: {'Day': '2021-10-29', 'Currency': 'EUR', 'RevenueGeneratedPc30d': '1978.35', 'SalesPc30d': '18'} Which of these values is the correct one?

Timezone for Indonesia

Hi, may I know is there any timezones that support Jakarta region? I couldn't find that specific timezone code. I used IOT for UTC+7 but the result is always slightly different compared to dashboard report download

Exchange Key To Access Token

Hello! What should I do with Key string from this step (POST callback) - https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/docs/criteo-connector-implementation-guide. How can I exchange it to access token?

Is it possible for Criteo to differentiate user's via access token?

Following Criteo documentation regarding the generation of consent URL, we get to see that, Criteo does not offer any access token from the consent URL, and eventually redirects to the callback URL. It is just used to provide permissions to use the application inside criteo. This leads to the following questions: 1) For generating Access Token we need to send client_id and client_secret of the app. Then how does criteo differentiate if more than one user wants to access the application? 2) Does this mean that the app created inside criteo cannot be accessed globally and it is absolutely organization-specific inside an account? i.e it is tied to an account or can one app work globally across multiple accounts. 3) Also does it mean that Criteo does not support the conventional OAuth flow for its applications.

Python Marketing_SDK Max Retry error

Hello, when using the criteo_api_marketingsolutions_v2022_01 Python SDK, and trying to use the AnalyticsAPI.get_adset_report method, I continually get this error: <urllib3.exceptions.MaxRetryError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='api.criteo.com', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /oauth2/token (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1091)')))> Any assistance would be helpful, as I'm following the documentation on github and don't see any easy way to troubleshoot this.

"Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy" security header

If the advertiser's website is blocked because criteo's access is judged to be aggressive due to the application of security header "Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy", the user clicks on the advertisement, but the website does not look blocked. Even at this time, will it be calculated by counting the number of advertisement exposure or advertising click rate? Ref link: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy

portfolio access advertiser not authorized

In criteo access request area "portfolio access" near advertiser name there is "(not authorized)". What could be issue?

Error while accessing endpoint for access token: https://api.criteo.com/oauth2/token

When we the POST request the above endpoint we get the "invalid_request" error and it says that the "field [grant_type] is not provided". But we have added the client_id, client_secret & grant_type as per the documentation. Please rectify the issue. doc: https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/reference/oauth postman screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/Gmdm3kJm/Captura-de-Pantalla-2022-01-14-a-la-s-11-37-33.png

No callback POST request during OAuth flow

We are experiencing some issues with OAuth flow (to Criteo consent). While googling I found this topic https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/discuss/615ab01c115aff005ffc480d and it seems that it can be caused by some Criteo issue. Can you please check if there are no issues from your end? Thank you in advance!

The value of "Audience" and "Reach"

The value of "Audience" and "Reach" which are the analytics data items(Metrics) acquired by API have been set to "0" since end of the December regardless of the advertiser. Previously, we colud have acquired the values as same as value of Management Center. the other Metrics items such as "Clicks" and "Displays" have been acquired normally. Did the acquisition condition for "Audience" and "Reach" changed due to changing the specifications?

Error: Response 500 for Statistics API endpoint (https://api.criteo.com/2021-10/statistics/report)

I have been getting these errors since yesterday more specifically and frequently. The post request gets a response 200, but then running it once more would give response 500.

Statistics reports fail with 500 error code

Hi all! Reports are returning 500 HTTP code since today around 7 UTC. I use API version 2021.10 and have tried several times without success. According to Criteo status all systems are operational, I don't know if this might be related to the deployment of the rate limit policy shown in the changelog RSS feed. Note that I only perform one request daily with data from last day. Thanks n advance and best regards,