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What do I enter for /{advertiser-id}/ and "Authorization: Bearer XXXXX " to download log level reports?

I am following the instructions described here to download log level reports via curl: https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/docs/log-level-report However, the code chunk seems to need an entry for advertiser-id and Bearer number. Does anyone know how to obtain these or what to put in there if I just want a broad download of all the log level data? Thank you! This is the code chunk I'm using: curl -X POST "https://api.criteo.com/2022-04/log-level/advertisers/{advertiser-id}/report" -H "accept: text/plain"-H "Content-Type: application/json-patch+json"-H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXX " -d "{ \"startDate\": \"2021-02-03\", \"endDate\": \"2021-02-04\"}"

sslwidget.criteo.com is using document.write()

sslwidget.criteo.com is using r.contentDocument.write() and is flagged for performance. Are there plans to update that

Abnormal response data from POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-10/statistics/report ?

Dear API support team, When sending a request POST /2021-10/statistics/report, I receive the response data with abnormal metric values. Then, I try to send the request again, the response data is normal at this time. This happened on many accounts. Is there any trouble with the API servers? *Request information* ``` Endpoint: POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-10/statistics/report Body: { "advertiserIds": "xxx", "startDate": "2022-03-24", "endDate": "2022-03-24", "timezone": "GMT", "format": "Xml", "currency": "JPY", "dimensions": [ "AdsetId", "CategoryId", "Category", "Day" ], "metrics": [ "Clicks", "Displays", "AdvertiserCost", "SalesClientAttribution", "SalesAllClientAttribution", "SalesPc30d", "SalesAllPc30d", "SalesPv24h", "SalesAllPv24h", "SalesPc30dPv24h", "SalesAllPc30dPv24h", "SalesPc1d", "SalesAllPc1d", "SalesPc7d", "SalesAllPc7d" ] } ``` *Sample of abnormal response data* ``` "date","advertiser_id","category_id","category_name","adset_id","clicks","displays","advertiser_cost","sales","sales_post_view","order_value","order_value_post_view","sales_client_attribution","sales_all_client_attribution","sales_pc_30d","sales_all_pc_30d","sales_pv_24h","sales_all_pv_24h","sales_pc_30d_pv_24h","sales_all_pc_30d_pv_24h","sales_pc_1d","sales_all_pc_1d","sales_pc_7d","sales_all_pc_7d" "2022-03-24","xxx","yyy","グッズ/小物","zzz","yyy","グッズ/小物","2022-03-24","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","2","3","2","3","0","0","0","0" ... ``` As you can see in the above sample, the value of metrics in the response data seem to be wrong click = category_id displays = category_name advertiser_cost = date Please help me to investigate it. Thank you very much.

Empty response from 2021-04/statistics/report

Hi, I got a response like this from 2021-04/statistics/report. { "Total": { "ECpc": "0", [...] "Audience": "0" }, "Rows": [ {} ] } I wanted to check if this is what was expected when there were no events to report. In particular I was worried about "Rows": [{}]. If there were no rows then I would have expected "Rows": [] without {} in the array. Is this an error or is this just the expected behavior when there are no rows?

Empty portfolio and api issues

I hope someone here can help me. we have a criteo developer account. Create app, app credentials worked. Service is marketing solutions. Authorization is only Audiences set to Manage. The app has been activated. Authorization via: POST https://api.criteo.com/oauth2/token has worked. For testing I had the endpoint: GET https://api.criteo.com/2020-10/advertisers/me tested and worked. Response: {"data":[],"errors":[],"warnings":[]}' HTTP Code: 200 The problem is with the endpoints: GET https://api.criteo.com/2021-10/audiences Returns an empty response and the HTTP code 403 The same with the endpoints: POST https://api.criteo.com/2022-01/audiences Request: { "data": { "type": { "audience", "attributes": { "advertiserId": "1", }, { "name": "test", "description": "test" } } } Response: empty HTTP Code: 403 When I click in the app on: Generate new URL the link is created. When I open the link in the browser a message appears "Empty portfolio You cannot grant access to the application "XXXX" as your portfolio is empty". When I click on the "Consent dashboard" button, "No consent requests yet" appears. There you can click on Products on e.g..: Marketing solutions, but there all permissions are missing and you can't adjust/set anything. Now the question, how can I create or edit the portfolio so that I can use the api? Thanks, Ronny Kroße

Confirmation mail does not work

Hi, we have a problem that I cannot enable the application because the confirmation email does not work. When we click on the confirm email/validation email we get redirected to an error page. What can we do? Best

What is the maximum number of image urls for image type creatives?

What is the maximum number of image urls for image type creatives? The sample data on the https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2022.04/docs/retrieve-existing-creatives page has 2 imageAttributes.urls. What is the maximum size of the imageAttributes.urls array? { "id": "18", "type": "Creative", "attributes": { "name": "My image", "description": "Description of the creative", "author": "r.deckard", "status": "Live", "type": "Image", "advertiserId": "51", "partnerId": "49", "imageAttributes": { "urls": [ "https://static.criteo.net/image_1.jpg", "https://static.criteo.net/image_2.jpg" ], "landingPageUrl": "https://my-landing-page.com" }, "id": "18" } } Thanks, Junyeong Kim

How to get landing page URL at tge campaign/adset level in v2022.01

Greetings, I would like to know whether I can get the details of a particular campaign (incl. landing page URL) based on adset ID or campaign ID. We need the landing page URL attribute at the campaign/adset level (not based on creatives). It would be useful for us if we could get the URL based on the campaign/adset. Plus, I got an empty response when I tried with the creatives level. Thanks. Regards, Seohee

GTM Serverside 'Criteo Events API'

Hi There, recently I discovered in our server-side GTM a template called 'Criteo Events API' built by Criteo. Unfortunately I cant find any documentation on that matter. Is this template thought to replace the old way of client site Criteo tracking? Please let me know, as I'd like to introduce this to our website. How can I learn more about this? Thanks a lot!

Criteo vs Content Security Policy (CSP)

Hi, we have a customer who uses Criteo tag over GTM. However, we aim also to have Content Security Policy set up and working. This means we need to whitelist all the domains that we want to allow launching js. Can you advise if and how we can get this running with Content Security Policy (CSP)? Is there a way to whitelist "all" domains that might get injected over Criteo tag? Or any way around you could advise?