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Product view event

we want to send view event for when product viewed by customer. we send the view request by server. is this possible with criteo api?

get sales metrics for 7 days click + 1 day view

Hi, I would like to fetch sales metrics for 7 days click + 1 day view attribution window. This metrics is available on Criteo UI and the "internal" key is "sales_pc7d_pv1d". I tried to fetch it over the API by following this documentation : https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2022.04/docs/metrics ( I tried SalesPc7dPv24h / SalesPc7dPv1d, SalesAllPc7dPv24h, SalesAllPc7dPv1d... changing the capital letters... tried with v2021-10 / v2022-01.. ) But I always get this type of error : {"errors":[{"traceId":"00000000-0000-0000-9eab-758f55d375f4","type":"validation","code":"invalid-metrics","instance":"/statistics/report","title":"Unsupported Metric(s).","detail":"The following metric(s) are not supported: SalesPc7dPv1d."}]} I guess it's possible to fetch this metrics cause the documentation it says "All metrics available in Criteo Management Center are available through the Statistics API v2". Please can you let me know how I can fetch this metrics over the API ? Thank you in advance

Is there a way to send a data with specific audience to Criteo in a client's browser?

I have a question regarding Criteo script working at visitor's browser that might work like Facebook We have built an application to segment website visitors by tracking their activities. We inject our javascript snippet into our client's website. At some point, while tracking the visitors' activity, the snippet execute the facebook pixel script like below to send data with a specific target audience to Facebook. <img src=“https://www.facebook.com/tr?cd[segmentId]=333333&&ev=Segment&id=4444444444”> After the request, Facebook generate an UID and set it on their cookie then wherever the visitor goes the UID in the cookie follow the visitor. What I want at my client's website is that Criteo generates Criteo UID and store it at their cookie. Then my snippet send a request to Criteo with specific audience created at Criteo dashboard. Finally when the visitor left the website and goes to Facebook, Facebook shows an ad related to the audience specified before. Please let me know if there is anything working like that or give me an any suggestion to accomplish this job.

Criteo API issue

Hello team, could someone please give an update on the ongoing issue with the API? We are facing issues with pulling the analytics report via the API. I have also checked and the API for Analytics is still not fixed (https://status.criteo.com/) -- could someone please tell when can we expect this to be working again? Thank you!

SERVICE UNAVAILABLE - instance /2022-01/statistics/report

Hi, whe I use the api to get statistics, I receive the message: { "warnings": [], "errors": [ { "traceIdentifier": "dda61134a703b372", "type": "availability", "code": "service-unavailable", "instance": "/2022-01/statistics/report", "title": "The requested service is currently unavailable", "detail": null, "source": null } ] } The last succesfull request that I success complete was on 15/03/2022 01:30 UTC. Are there some issues on your side? thanks, Giuseppe

What's happend?

This page will be decommissioned on Mar 21, 2022. Find all your overview data in Cockpit and in your « Overview » template in the reports library And what can I do with this?

Country-wise data for campaign metrics like impressions, clicks, cost etc

Hi, Is there any way to get country-wise data for campaign metrics like impressions, clicks, cost etc from the API? what is the dimension name for getting country field ? Regards, Aravinthan S

Problem with some Text and Euro-Sign

Hi there our customer send as a request that on some criteo ads he has problems with wrong shown Euro-Symbol at Price and a missing "-" at a product name. is there a possibilty for me to check the data which are used like facebook dev tool? how do you get these data? it looks like he has this problem just on some pages and not at all Best regards

Confirm about the changing of Campaign and Adset in Legacy API and Criteo API?

Dear Criteo API support team, In Version v2020.07, the Legacy API provides a list of campaigns by the endpoint GET https://api.criteo.com/legacy/marketing/v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/campaigns. However, since v2021.01, it seems that the above campaign list has changed its name to the Adset list (fetch by endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-01/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/search). Then, since v2021.07 the Criteo API provided a new endpoint POST https://api.criteo.com/2021-07/marketing-solutions/campaigns/search. As I understand, it seems that this Campaign list is different from the campaign list in v2020.07, is at a higher level, and manages the Adset list (or campaign list in v2020.07). Please help me to confirm that my above perception is correct or not? Sincerely! Erv David.

Alternative endpoints for 'GET /v1/categories' and 'GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories'

Hi, According to the announcement, the endpoint to get categories data 'GET /v1/categories' and 'GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories' will be decommissioned by the end of June 2022. Will there be endpoints to replace those?