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Authorization callback

Hello, I've successfully integrated obtaining of consent and authorization for user using the new Criteo API for our application. However, I have following problem: * If user approves access for our application for the first time, or if user approves a portfolio which was not previously approved Criteo makes a POST callback to our application to URL according to the signing key, and than redirects the user to redirect URL. * However when user already approved all the portfolios he/she wanted to approve before, the user is just redirected to our redirect URL without any information as to what has happened. It would be useful to obtain, in any form (i.e. POST requests or additional query parameter on the redirect URL) information about portfolios the user has granted us access to even in situation it has been granted before. Or at least to get information who the user is and provide an API which would allow to query which portfolios given user granted access to (which does not exist now because Criteo grants access on portfolio-level, not user-level). This functionality is required for a scenario when user has previously granted access to Criteo to our application, than deleted the account in our application and than wants to grant the access again - from our point-of-view it's creation of new access, from Criteo point-of-view the access already exists. In a short - I'm asking if Criteo can provide an information about to which portfolios user has previously granted access to to our application in case consent is required when user has already granted the access before. The information can be provided either in form of POST callback, or added query parameters on redirect URL. Thanks in advance

Posted by Jan Záruba 9 months ago


Getting authorization with standard OAuth2

Hi. I'm a backend developer working at Adriel. I want to integrate your API into our system so as it looks like the following. ``` 1. get user authorization (getting their access token and refresh token like the standard OAuth2.0 flow) 2. Call APIs to get portfolios(ad accounts) with the access token(or refreshed access token with a refresh token) 3. Call APIs to get campaigns and analytics with the portfolio ID ``` But after I've checked the API reference, I found that maybe it's not possible with your implemented system for now. So, I want to know if my guess is correct. and hope you would confirm the detour plan would work. With your current system, I should generate a consent URL to let users authenticate and authorize. (I won't use the system 'create URL' on app page because I want to make it an automatic process) and I request an access token(app's access token?) by using client id and client secret and call APIs with this access token.. but I want to get a specific user's advertiser and campaign list and ad set list and creatives and others. how could I do this? the legacy API will be deprecated soon and the v2021.01 beta API(now it says preview) doesn't seem to have campaign list API and etc. and I tried '/preview/advertisers/me' route with the 'try it' button on https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2021.04/reference/advertiser-1 doesn't seem to work. I'm so lost right now. Please give me a detailed plan for your API development. and will it be like the other google or Facebook APIs in the end? No offense but I'm just curious how will it be like and I also need to think of my development plan based on your progress. Thank you for reading this long question

Posted by Victor Oh 10 months ago