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API Reporting

Is there a way we change the default settings for attribution model view when it comes to API reporting? Looking to set the default to 30-day click + 1 day view, rather than the current 30-day click.

Completion time of report data calibration one day ago

https://api.criteo.com/preview/statistics/report By any chance, when will the data from the previous day's report be calibrated? In order to check the report data the day before the calibration was completed correctly, what time should I search after the next day? May 11, 2022 at 02:00 startDate = 2022-05-10 endDate = 2022-05-10 with the search result and May 11, 2022 at 16:40 startDate = 2022-05-10 endDate = 2022-05-10 The search results are different.

pmc.criteo.com/api/stats? advanced dimensions

Hi, is there any way to pull latest publisher data with "advanced dimensions"? Only affinity and zone return data for impressions and revenue for the latest date available and we would always lag 2 days for the latest data to come in with other dimensions.

Confirmation mail does not work

Hi, we have a problem that I cannot enable the application because the confirmation email does not work. When we click on the confirm email/validation email we get redirected to an error page. What can we do? Best

What is the maximum number of image urls for image type creatives?

What is the maximum number of image urls for image type creatives? The sample data on the https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2022.04/docs/retrieve-existing-creatives page has 2 imageAttributes.urls. What is the maximum size of the imageAttributes.urls array? { "id": "18", "type": "Creative", "attributes": { "name": "My image", "description": "Description of the creative", "author": "r.deckard", "status": "Live", "type": "Image", "advertiserId": "51", "partnerId": "49", "imageAttributes": { "urls": [ "https://static.criteo.net/image_1.jpg", "https://static.criteo.net/image_2.jpg" ], "landingPageUrl": "https://my-landing-page.com" }, "id": "18" } } Thanks, Junyeong Kim

How to get landing page URL at tge campaign/adset level in v2022.01

Greetings, I would like to know whether I can get the details of a particular campaign (incl. landing page URL) based on adset ID or campaign ID. We need the landing page URL attribute at the campaign/adset level (not based on creatives). It would be useful for us if we could get the URL based on the campaign/adset. Plus, I got an empty response when I tried with the creatives level. Thanks. Regards, Seohee

GTM Serverside 'Criteo Events API'

Hi There, recently I discovered in our server-side GTM a template called 'Criteo Events API' built by Criteo. Unfortunately I cant find any documentation on that matter. Is this template thought to replace the old way of client site Criteo tracking? Please let me know, as I'd like to introduce this to our website. How can I learn more about this? Thanks a lot!

Criteo vs Content Security Policy (CSP)

Hi, we have a customer who uses Criteo tag over GTM. However, we aim also to have Content Security Policy set up and working. This means we need to whitelist all the domains that we want to allow launching js. Can you advise if and how we can get this running with Content Security Policy (CSP)? Is there a way to whitelist "all" domains that might get injected over Criteo tag? Or any way around you could advise?

Product view event

we want to send view event for when product viewed by customer. we send the view request by server. is this possible with criteo api?

get sales metrics for 7 days click + 1 day view

Hi, I would like to fetch sales metrics for 7 days click + 1 day view attribution window. This metrics is available on Criteo UI and the "internal" key is "sales_pc7d_pv1d". I tried to fetch it over the API by following this documentation : https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2022.04/docs/metrics ( I tried SalesPc7dPv24h / SalesPc7dPv1d, SalesAllPc7dPv24h, SalesAllPc7dPv1d... changing the capital letters... tried with v2021-10 / v2022-01.. ) But I always get this type of error : {"errors":[{"traceId":"00000000-0000-0000-9eab-758f55d375f4","type":"validation","code":"invalid-metrics","instance":"/statistics/report","title":"Unsupported Metric(s).","detail":"The following metric(s) are not supported: SalesPc7dPv1d."}]} I guess it's possible to fetch this metrics cause the documentation it says "All metrics available in Criteo Management Center are available through the Statistics API v2". Please can you let me know how I can fetch this metrics over the API ? Thank you in advance