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Max retries exceeded with url: /oauth2/token (Caused by NewConnectionError)

Hello, Since this week-end, I have noticed that a lot of my audiences had issues to be push through the Marketing Audience API. Indeed, it seems that many of them got timed out while trying to be sent to the API mainly due to the fact that when calling the Oath API to get the bearer token the code got disconnected. Here is the error message encountered : requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='api.criteo.com', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /oauth2/token (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x7f1e47a57690>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Connection timed out')) ", "Traceback_type": "requests.exceptions.ConnectionError", "Module": "__main__", "Custom": { ... } } I'm using the version 2021-07 of the API, do you have any solutions to resolve this issue as we are pushing around 30 audiences to Criteo platform everyday ? Many thanks, Cyril

Click URL Parameters

What is the api endpoint to programmatically update Click URL Parameters? If not, then what about the landing page URL mentioned here https://support.criteo.com/s/article?article=About-Ad-Tracking&language=en_US?

Criteo tag configuration

Hello, I set up Criteo tags through Google Tag Manager. Currently they all work but I have two problems: - Conversion Tag: see at the end of the code there is an "@" that should be removed, otherwise we don't have a match with the feed IDs. I would need to know how to remove "@" from the product code from the transaction. - Listing Page Data layer: what needs to be done to update the data layer of the category pages to add the "code" variable that does not appear? * If you need attachments I can send them

Statistics API failures

We are noticing a lot of failures in reporting on the Statistics APIs. It seems that the endpoint https://api.criteo.com/v1/statistics is returning a 404. The new beta endpoint https://apigateway.criteo.com/preview/statistics/report does not recognize "CampaignId" as a valid dimension. Is this issue currently being addressed? Is there some other endpoint we should be using? Are endpoints going to be sunsetted in the future without notice?


Our client, the admin of the account, has created an app, selected read permissions, saved, generate the URL, and gave consent to the respective portfolio, and given us the secret and ID. Now I can create a token using but seems like the permissions won't work when trying to call any information from the API, we've tried the ""https://api.criteo.com/2021-04/advertisers/me"" and ""https://api.criteo.com/2021-04/statistics/report" but the same message is displayed on both calls. Can you help us here?

creating an access token

how we can create access token for criteo using postman

Empty portfolio error

Hello! I have generated the new URL for Application. When I try to open this URL I get the error: "Empty portfolio". Then I click to "Consent dashboard" and move to https://consent.criteo.com/. Then I choose "Marketing Solutions" and move to https://marketing.criteo.com/campaigns/dashboard/ad-sets. I have the empty list and when I try to type text and save it - nothing happens. How do I resolve these two problems? Help me please.

Incorrect information abous costs in response

Hi! My name is Mark and I am technical support specialist Roistat company. Our common client reported us about issue. We send request to get company's info about impressions and costs. But we get incorrect information in response. For example we sent request to get info from 2021-06-29 00:00:00 to 2021-06-30 23:59:59 In response we got this: "162885": "{\"impressions\":61064,\"clicks\":509,\"money\":2875.8500000000004}" Our client checked this data with information in account and he got 694,95 as total costs for 2021-06-29 - 2021-06-30 for company 162885 Integration between our systems made with criteo API. We need to know how can we resolve this issue? Why do we get one data in the response for our api request and client see in interface another ones?

Detail error: Request headers must contain only ASCII characters.

Do you have a private contact I can use? The api returns this error: Type: availability Code: service-unavailable Instance: /2021-07/marketing-solutions/ad-sets/search Title: The requested service is currently unavailable Detail: Request headers must contain only ASCII characters. But there are no non-ASCII characters in the header.

Criteo vs Content Security Policy (CSP)

Hi, we have a customer who uses Criteo tag over GTM. However, we aim also to have Content Security Policy set up and working. This means we need to whitelist all the domains that we want to allow launching js. Can you advise if and how we can get this running with Content Security Policy (CSP)? Is there a way to whitelist "all" domains that might get injected over Criteo tag? Or any way around you could advise?