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Analytics from MAPI to Criteo API


Sunset of MAPI

All MAPI endpoints were migrated to Criteo API on July 18, 2022. To learn more about using the Criteo APIs please see our Onboarding checklist.

This guide shows you how to update to Statistics v2022-01

If you are currently using the Statistics V1 endpoint

This article focuses on the changes required to use the endpoint. But you will need to update also your authentication system.
Please see our Onboarding checklist to learn how to create a developer Account, get access to your new credentials and request access to your users.
And please see our Authentication guide to learn how to authenticate and get your token.

Statistics 2022-01 has 100+ new metrics across marketing goals and channels, including App, Web, and Store campaigns.
Additionally, you can now:

  • Specify your time zone (list available in our Timezones Supported guide)
  • Keep track of your category history
  • Benefit from a nearly real-time look into your data and campaign performance
  • ROAS and AverageCart metrics are now available for every attribution model (including PC30D, PC7D, PC1D, PV24H, and PC30DPV24H)
  • Omnichannel campaigns are easier to analyze, with the xDevice parameter and the inclusion of PV24H and client attribution as new attribution models
  • App campaigns metrics have been renamed for clarity

Below you can find how requests in Statistics 2022-01 are different, and how to update your integration.

Changes to requests

Below is a summary of the changes that you’ll want to reflect in your requests.

Statistics 2020-10Change madeDetails
CampaignId and CampaignRenamed to AdsetId and AdsetFollowing our latest changes in Commerce Growth
CurrencySpecification is mandatoryIt is now mandatory to specify this parameter
TimezoneUpdatedCustomize your time zone by adding your preferred time zone to the request. You can select from all time zone codes and time zone locals like “America/Chicago”

The default value is now GMT.
reportTypeRemovedThe only available report type is the CampaignPerformance report. Statistics 2020-10 endpoint doesn’t support FacebookDPA, TransactionID report types.
ignoreXDeviceRemovedThis parameter has been removed from the request altogether. Post-click 30d sales with cross-device disabled can be obtained using SalesPc30d metric; sales with cross-device enabled can be obtained using SalesAllPc30d metric. Please see the list of available metrics below to choose relevant metric for your case.

Additional updates

  • There are now no restrictions on the number of dimensions (previously 3) or the order of dimensions (previously a limited set of combinations/ordering)
  • We removed that non-time dimensions (advertiser, adset, category) when requested would return both the id and name dimension. Now you must explicitly request the one you’d like
  • We removed the behavior where the AdvertiserId dimension was always added, whether or not it was requested
  • The returned key will always match the requested key. Metrics previously were returned with translated keys. For example, if you requested "SalesPc", the response would be "Sales PC" and translated based on user language
  • Category names that were unknown previously had the translated value of "Unknown". This will no longer be translated
  • We now report explicitly on each category currently disabled or enabled. Previously, any categories that were disabled at the time of the request the stats were grouped into an "Other" category dimension

New metrics in Statistics 2022-01

You can now slice and dice your data with 100+ new metrics across marketing goals and channels, including App, Web, and Store campaigns.

Below are some of the new ways that you can analyze your campaigns’ performance through Statistics 2022-01.

Metrics (Statistics v1)DetailsStatistics V1Statistics 2020-10
AdvertiserCostTotal money spent on Criteo advertising.
ConversionRatePercentage of conversions or sales compared to the clicks that occurred.

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, CVR section
OverallCompetitionWinThe number of displays divided by the total number of display opportunities (win rate).
ECpmCost per 1000 Impressions (CPM).
ECpcCost per click (CPC).

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: CPC
✓ - New options!
AverageCart✓ - New options!
ReturnOnAdvertisingSpendingThe ratio between revenue generated and the cost (ROAS).

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, ROAS section
✓ - New options!
SalesThe number of transactions or conversions resulting from Criteo ads.

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, Sales section
✓ - New options!
RevenueGeneratedThe amount of money generated by online sales (Revenue).

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, Revenue section
✓ - New options!
ConversionRate✓ - New options!
ECosAdvertising cost per conversion or sale (COS).

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, COS section
✓ - New options!
CostPerOrderPotential users who could be served an ad (CPO).

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, CPO section
✓ - New options!
AverageCartAverage revenue generated by a conversion or sale.

Updated statistics v2022-01 metrics names: please see Metrics guide, Average Cart section
✓ - New options!
AdvertiserValue✓ - New options!
CostOfAdvertiserValueThe ratio between the advertiser value generated by sales and the cost of the campaign(s), given as a percentage (COV).✓ - New options!
CostOfSalePiThe cost of sale for app install campaigns (Post-install COS).
CostPerOrderPiThe cost per order for sales after an app install (Post-install CPO).
ReturnOnAdvertiserSpendingPiThe return on ad spend for sales after an app install (Post-install ROAS).
SalesPIThe number of your completed events after an app install (Post-install sales).
SalesOfflineThe number of completed in-store transactions or purchases (Store sales).
RevenueGeneratedOfflineThe amount of revenue generated by in-store sales (Store revenue).
ReturnOnAdvertiserSpendingOfflineThe ratio between the revenue generated offline and the cost (Store ROAS).

Some metrics allow for specifying the device, attribution, and deduplication parameters.

Metrics are created with a common structure, such as: SalesAllPc30dClientAttribution

The naming follows the following pattern:


All metrics available in Criteo Commerce Growth are available through the Statistics API. To explore all available metrics, dimensions, and options, see the Statistics guide.