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Placement Report

Placement Report API Endpoint



The Placement Report API endpoint allows for customized reporting containing placement level data from a campaign's delivery. This new endpoint offers the ability to pull reports with data that was previously only available through the Criteo Platform UI.

There are several dimensions and metrics that can be combined for different insights to show how inventory is playing a role in campaign delivery. A set of filters applied as parameters in the POST request can also be used to limit the data in the report so it only contains relevant details.

The metrics are similar to the ones provided in the Statistics endpoint, but the dimensions allow for seeing performance across the different placements available in a campaign's inventory.


Please note the data in this endpoint for the current day can only be accessed after midnight that day and can take up to 4 hours to become available (so the sum of today's data will be available tomorrow between midnight and 4am).

Placement data is retained for up to 3 months and queries to this endpoint return a maximum of 20000 rows. These limitations are in place to ensure optimal report performance and stability.

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