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Where is the developer account signup page

In landing page: https://developers.criteo.com, if i click on `Get Started`: it redirects me into the login page. But, where is the signup page?

Fetching Statistics report returns "HTTP 504 Error"

Hi, When we try to fetch the statistics report by using the following request - ``` curl -i -X POST --data '{"advertiserIds":"XXX","endDate":"2022-06-20","timezone":"Europe/Paris","format":"Json","currency":"CHF","metrics":["Clicks","Displays","AdvertiserCost","SalesAllClientAttribution","RevenueGeneratedAllClientAttribution","SalesClientAttribution","SalesAllPc30d","SalesAllPv24h","SalesAllPc30dPv24h","RevenueGeneratedAllPv24h","RevenueGeneratedAllPc30dPv24h","RevenueGeneratedAllPc30d","ExposedUsers","OverallCompetitionWin","AverageCartAllClientAttribution","ECosAllClientAttribution","ECosAllPv24h","ECosAllPc30dPv24h","CostPerOrderAllClientAttribution","CostPerOrderAllPv24h","CostPerOrderAllPc30dPv24h","AdvertiserAllValue","Audience","Reach","ClickThroughRate","ConversionRateAllClientAttribution","Cpc","Ecpm","RoasAllClientAttribution","CostOfAdvertiserValueAll"],"startDate":"2022-06-19","dimensions":["AdsetID","CategoryId","Category","Day"]}' -H 'Authorization: Bearer XXXX' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Accept: application/octet-stream' -A 'Jersey/2.31' 'https://api.criteo.com/2021-10/statistics/report' ``` For any customer, it fails with gateway timeout error with following message ``` { "warnings": [], "errors": [ { "traceIdentifier": "04db88ab11cd11e4", "type": "availability", "code": "service-unavailable", "instance": "/2021-10/statistics/report", "title": "The requested service is currently unavailable", "detail": null, "source": null } ] } ``` Can anyone please take a look at it?

Publisher Solutions: Publisher Management Center, Statistics API endpoint.

Hi, I am using the Publisher Solutions: Publisher Management Center, Statistics API endpoint. Here there are dimensions that are tagged as "advanced dimensions" and that we could not pull them in latest times. Unlike affinity or zone dimensions where they can be reported in latest time. Do we have any plans or suggestions on how to be able to download latest data with more than just affinity or zone columns being selected?

Statistics Report - Show Cost in local (billing) currency & USD

Hi, I am building an automated report to pull cost data for numerous markets into a Gsheet - refreshing each day with the previous 7 days' worth of data. I have been able to get all the relevant data in USD using the following request snippet: url = "https://api.criteo.com/2022-04/statistics/report" payload = "{\"dimensions\":[\"Advertiser\",\"Day\"],\"metrics\":[\"Displays\",\"Clicks\",\"AdvertiserCost\"],\"timezone\":\"UTC\",\"format\":\"CSV\",\"currency\":\"USD\"," + f"\"startDate\":\"{start_date}\",\"endDate\":\"{end_date}\"" + "}" headers = { "Accept": "text/plain", "Content-Type": "application/*+json", "Authorization": f"Bearer {token}" } However, I need to pull in cost in the local currency in addition to USD (two separate columns). Do you know if there is a simple way to do this without creating a new request for each individual account and relevant currency? Thanks

Create campaign and create adset

Hi, I'm looking at plugging into our platform, which would require building and maintaining campaigns. Digging through docs and testing calls, I can see that the ability to create a campaign is coming in version 2022-07, but there isn't an endpoint available for creating adsets. The preview marketing solutions API client (https://github.com/criteo/criteo-api-java-sdk) has resources for building adsets, which aren't referenced anywhere in the dev guides, but isn't available to call (404). I'm wondering if this is a further future addition, or is slated as part of version 2022-07, or if I'm just doing something wrong entirely. Thanks!

Statistics returns "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error"

Hi there! When we try to fetch statistics for any dates, any customers and any metrics/dimensions, we constantly get "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error". Please, help us to resolve this problem.

API Reporting

Is there a way we change the default settings for attribution model view when it comes to API reporting? Looking to set the default to 30-day click + 1 day view, rather than the current 30-day click.

Completion time of report data calibration one day ago

https://api.criteo.com/preview/statistics/report By any chance, when will the data from the previous day's report be calibrated? In order to check the report data the day before the calibration was completed correctly, what time should I search after the next day? May 11, 2022 at 02:00 startDate = 2022-05-10 endDate = 2022-05-10 with the search result and May 11, 2022 at 16:40 startDate = 2022-05-10 endDate = 2022-05-10 The search results are different.

pmc.criteo.com/api/stats? advanced dimensions

Hi, is there any way to pull latest publisher data with "advanced dimensions"? Only affinity and zone return data for impressions and revenue for the latest date available and we would always lag 2 days for the latest data to come in with other dimensions.

Error 403

After getting the access token and using that token to get audiences list, I get Error 403. I have developer level access.