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Criteo Marketing Data for Google Data Studio

Criteo Marketing Data is a community connector for Google Data Studio that lets Criteo clients pull campaign data from the statistics-endpoint of Criteo API or the legacy Criteo Marketing API (MAPI).

A user can select Criteo Marketing Data as a data source in Google Data Studio as shown on the screenshot below


This requires an application and associated credentials for Criteo API to be created through the Partner portal.

Google Data Studio retrieves the following information through the connector:

Dimensions: Advertiser, Campaign, Category, Date
Metrics: Display, Clicks, Cost, Sales (Post-Click), Revenue (Post-Click)

The data can be used to build reports in Google Data Studio and to combine the Criteo data with other data sources, such as website analytics. This enables the capability to compute performance metrics using such as CPO and ROI in an automated way.

If you need support or want to report an issue, please contact [email protected]