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Marketing Solutions for API users

Criteo Marketing Solutions is the leading ad platform for the Open Internet. Performance and brand marketers leverage Criteo Marketing Solutions to:

  • Acquire new, high-value customers
  • Drive sales and engagement from existing customers
  • Increase customer loyalty

Criteo empowers marketers to acquire and create loyal customers through meaningful and scalable ad experiences. Omnichannel campaigns ensure marketers can reach customers across web, app, and store channels, with creatives adapted for the campaign goal and each user’s place in the consumer journey.

Campaigns can be activated and managed through the Criteo Ad Platform or by Criteo’s Managed Services team.

For advertisers managing large, complex, or many accounts, the Criteo API can help by providing fine-tuned controls, customization, and automation capabilities.

Common use cases

  • Automated campaign management: Programmatically set budgets and CPCs by campaign or campaign categories
  • Build custom reports: Get granular insights into campaigns, with the ability to compare performance across 100+ metrics
  • Connect your campaigns: Integrate Criteo with your own reporting software or platform for a holistic view of your advertising
  • Create and update audiences: Easily create and manage specific audience segments, using your own CRM or data from your CDP, DMP, and other sources
  • Centralized account management: Retrieve and manage all the accounts in your portfolio from a single point of entry

For advertisers managing large, complex, or many accounts, the Criteo API can help by providing finetuned controls, customization, and automation capabilities.

Through the API, you can also integrate Criteo campaigns with your internal or third-party tools.

Common terms

As you are navigating the developer portal, you may see references to Criteo’s technology and common digital advertising terms. You can explore the Criteo digital advertising glossary here.

Explore key Criteo topics:

To learn more terms, check out the glossary on the Criteo Support Center.

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