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Anatomy of a Campaign

Campaign Example

The following is an example of the JSON data structure of an Campaign.

Additional details about the individual attributes of Campaigns can be found below.

    "type": "Campaign",
    "id": "99999",
    "attributes": {
        "name": "My Campaign",
        "advertiserId": 12345,
        "objective": "BrandAwareness",
        "spendLimit": {
            "spendLimitRenewal": "daily",
            "spendLimitType": "capped",
            "spendLimitAmount": {
                "value": 123.45


Campaign Attributes

Currently read-only. The Campaign name, set by the advertiser.

Read-only. The advertiser associated with the Campaign.

The marketing objective of the Campaign. Can be AppInstall, BrandAwareness, CatalogSales, Conversion, ResellerProgram, StoreSales, Traffic, VideoViews, or Unknown.

The cadence of spend limit renewal. Can be daily, monthly, lifetime, or undefined in the case of an uncapped limit type.

Whether the Campaign spend is capped or not. Can be capped or uncapped.

A decimal value representing the spend limit for the Campaign. If spendLimitType is uncapped, the value will be null.