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Campaign Validation Errors

In addition to general API errors , you may encounter validation errors when updating a Campaign.

Below is a list of error codes for Campaign validation and a more detailed description of their meaning.


Campaign Update Validation Errors

An update to spend limit was attempted on a Campaign which does not have a spend limit (e.g. an uncapped Campaign). Alternatively, the requestor may not have permissions to update the spend limit of the Campaign.

An update attempted to decrease a lifetime spend limit of a Campaign to a value lower than what has already been spent.


The Campaign is included multiple times in the same update payload. All Campaign field updates should be consolidated into one array item.


Campaign Update Validation Warnings

The update to spend limit was processed, but it will not take effect until the next period specified by spendLimitRenewal (e.g. the next day). This is typically because the new spend amount specified is lower than the amount already spent in the current period.