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Report Request Format

Creating a Report Request

A complete stats request requires the following fields:

advertiserIdsA list of advertiser ids (comma separated)stringN
currencyThe currency to be used in the report, ISO format.

A list of supported currencies is available here.
startDateStart date, ISO 8601 format.stringY
endDateEnd date, ISO 8601 format.stringY
formatThe output format. CSV, JSON, XML or EXCEL.stringY
dimensionsSee the Dimensions page.Array[string]Y
metricsSee the Metrics page.Array[string]Y
timezoneThe timezone for organizing the data in the report.

A list of supported values is available here.

UTC will be default timezone if not specified.



A Note on AdvertiserIds

Advertisers which are not in your portfolio will be skipped. The specified advertisers must have at least one campaign to appear in the report.

If you do not specify any value for advertiserIds, stats for all advertisers in your portfolio will be returned.

What’s Next

Learn about Dimensions for your report request