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Set Up Your API Connection to Answer your Business' Needs

Next, you’ll want to define the scope of your API and define which domains your app needs to access. This ensures your app can connect to the right endpoints. The process is split into two steps.

  1. First, choose the Criteo product that you’d like to build with: Criteo Marketing Solutions (Management Center) or Criteo Retail Media. Click Save to access the Authorization section.

🚨 Once you save, you won't be able to switch between Marketing Solutions or Retail Media again! Make sure to choose carefully (In case you make a mistake, don't worry! Just create a new app 😉)

  1. From there, you can select which Authorizations you'll need to access. Specify whether you need “read-only” or “manage” access to your end-users’ accounts. For example, you may want “read-only” to retrieve campaign details, or you might want “manage” permissions so you can set CPCs for campaigns.

💡 You can update the Authorizations as many times as you want before validating your app through the Generate consent link button.

You will find here a list of available Authorizations in the Developer Dashboard:

Criteo Marketing Solutions:


  • Reporting: Generate custom reports. Slice and dice your data across marketing goals and channels, including App, Web, and Store campaigns  
  • Targeting: Select domains/apps or publisher content that you want to include or exclude for displaying ads
  • Catalog: Retrieve your product catalog, add and edit your product details. Get status reports on your recent imports

Coming soon

  • Campaign: Set CPCs by campaign or campaign category, retrieve campaign details, and export reports 
  • Budgets: Retrieve information on the budget type, active budget status, and the status of related campaigns
  • Categories: Retrieve information for an entire account portfolio and/or across different geographic locations
  • Audiences: Create, update, or delete your Contact Lists using your own CRM segments or your lists from a third-party.
  • Creative: Use a third-party creative that is displayed by an external creative provider at display time (while still using Criteo Engine for media buying and product recommendation)
  • Reco: Call the Criteo Reco on your own website, leveraging our Shopper Graph and Product Graph