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Creative Taxonomy

Criteo offers different creative types to build based on your business needs and marketing goals:

  • Image creatives allow an advertiser to decide how to tell a brand story with ready-made static or animated GIF images in a range of sizes.
  • HTML Ad Tags allow an advertiser to set creatives that are not hosted by Criteo but on a different ad server such as Google, Sizmek, or AdForm. They are created with HTML tags provided by the ad server. For the list of supported ad servers and supported sizes per country.


Ad Taxonomy

Ads link the image or HTML Ad Tags to Ad sets to define what an audience will see in your creatives as they browse the web and mobile devices. They use the visuals from your creatives such as images or HTML Ad Tags and link them to Ad sets. You can define the name, scheduling date, campaign, and ad set.

The Creative API endpoint allows you to manage your Creatives and Ads by creating, deleting, and updating them to meet your business needs.

This API allows you to set-up images and HTML Ad Tags to use across several ad sets, and retrieve the list of ads for an overview of what is live for an advertiser or campaign.

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