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Missing documintation on how to set line-items

On https://developers.criteo.com/retail-media/docs/line-items it says users can set the line items to paused but on the same page there is no documentation on what endpoint to use (both endpoints mentioned are GET not PUT

the retail media reporting API fails.

the retail media reporting API fails. I guess something is wrong with the data variable in the http request. How can I prevent the error? Execution screen https://imgur.com/a/zLQfgiG Target API documentation https://developers.criteo.com/retail-media/docs/reports

How to add the MPN and GTIN attributes to the Product report for Criteo Retail Media?

Do you have any recommendation on how to add the MPN and GTIN information to the report type Product - Criteo Retail Media Analytics endpoint.

How to get list of time zones for Criteo Retial Media API

The reports in the analytics API require adding the attribute "timeZone". Is it possible to have a list of values that can be passed? or are the time zones values the same as for Criteo Marketing Solutions? https://developers.criteo.com/marketing-solutions/v2021.01/docs/timezones-supported

Add callback for revoked consent

I would like to receive a callback for my connector when consent is revoked on https://consent.criteo.com This would make clean up on our side much simpler and cleaner.

API v1

Good afternoon! We'd really like to know if your API method v1 still works and supported on your side

Error in connection

Error which is thrown from http://static.criteo.net/js/ld/ld.js is connection refused which. It takes 22Sec which is hampering our site speed. Can this be resolved?

Advertising API not connecting

Now I am getting the below error for this account for SKU report - activity-by-sku yPvTwufbHyDz1w1AtsFyz4NUGfJGi3Zt {'Message': 'An error has occurred.'} upload fail We really need to understand why this is continuously happening?

Advertising API not connecting

Hi, I am trying to generate campaign-activity-by-day reports through the API but getting error saying it is unable to connect. It was all working fine until 16th March 2021 ['1BpoxOLBKmA4BW9M3IhHXSyALwrpApPSf', 'awIYEbgVjVShsVTZhFzyyNwrJYbBjPoL', 'hgnWLvLgwFUmQe6yHLRTUV2MUS0NMuEv', 'yPvTwufbHyDz1w1AtsFyz4NUGfJGi3Zt'] 1BpoxOLBKmA4BW9M3IhHXSyALwrpApPSf {'Message': 'An error has occurred.'}

Retail Media API: SKU Activity Report

Hello everyone, We're using the Retail Media API according to the [API Guide V1.0](https://support.criteo.com/s/article?article=Retail-Media-API-Guide-V1-0&language=en_US). SKU Activity Report description says that we should get the `ProductGroupID` and `ProductGroupName` fields. In fact, the report doesn't contain that fields. Moreover, SKUs in the report can't be linked with the Product Groups because we have much fewer SKUs from the appropriate endpoint. We can't link them by GTIN because they sometimes are NULLs. Also, the column RetailerSKUID is described as "retailer ID of the SKU" so it's unclear if it's *retailer* ID or *SKU* ID. Thus, we have some questions: * where are the SKU Activity Report's ProductGroupID and ProductGroupName fields; * why after getting all Product Groups we still have in the SKU Activity Report SKUs that aren't present in any Product Group; * it is correct to join SKUs from the SKU Activity Report to SKUs in the Product Groups by report field RetailerSKUID and product group retailerId field? And, finally, is the API Guide mentioned above actual? There is an "RMP API" [page](https://developers.criteo.com/retail-media/docs) that describes similar things but is not as comprehensive as "API Guide V1.0".