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What's New in 2023-04

This page lists all endpoint changes related to the v2023.04 release


Version Schedule

Version 2023.04 of the Criteo retail media API is live as of April 18th, 2023. This version will be supported until April 30th, 2024

This version introduces new capabilities to Criteo Retail Media API and changes to existing endpoints. This page aims at listing all changes that happened endpoint per endpoint. Only endpoints with changes are listed here.

New Base URL

With the introduction of this new version, the base URL will now change from the

Old base URL{endpoint}


New base URL{endpoint}

What's New

Keyword Endpoints

In version 2023.04, we introduce new keyword endpoints. The new keywords API lets you control your open auction line item by determining which keyword to target positively or negatively. The new set of endpoints also provides keyword bidding capabilities to optimize line items based on relevant keywords.

New Endpoints Includes

Keyword Targeting

GET/line-items/{LineItemId}/keywordsRetrieve a set of positive and negative keywords for a line item
POST/line-items/{LineItemId}/keywords/add-removeAdd or remove keywords from a line item


v1 - Negative Keyword Endpoint Deprecation

The Keywords API will be replacing the existing Negative Keyword Targeting endpoints. Applications using these endpoints are encouraged to migrate to the new keyword endpoints as we plan to deprecate the old endpoints in future stable API versions.

Keyword Bidding

POST/line-items/{LineItemId}/keywords/set-bidAdd or remove keywords from a line item.