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What's New in 2022.10

This page lists all endpoint changes related to the v2022.10 release



Version 2022.10 of the Criteo API is live as of October 25th, 2022. This version will be supported until October 31st, 2023

This version introduces several new capabilities to Criteo Retail Media API and introduces changes in previously existing endpoints. This page aims at listing all changes that happened endpoint per endpoint. Only endpoints with changes are listed here.

New Base URL

We are moving from:{endpoint}


What's New in v2022.10

In version 2022.10 we introduced several new endpoints for preferred deals. In this new version



The following new releases pertain to preferred deals campaigns only. Check with your account representative for a copy of the documentation.

Category Search

Product categories allow retailers to create a hierarchal structure that helps narrow down products into unique groups or sub-groups based on shared characteristics.

With the API you can now easily search for a retailer product based on a particular category name, or categories belonging to a retailer.

GET Category by Category ID Search for categories based on category ID
GET Categories by RetailerSearch for retailer categories and filter down by a specific category name


Creatives for Commerce Display

In v2022.10 we are also introducing a set of new API endpoints that allows building commerce display creatives completely through the API. With the new endpoints you will be able to:

:heavy-check-mark: Upload creative image assets
:heavy-check-mark: View available retailer creative templates
:heavy-check-mark: Build new creatives using either one of our built-in templates or using a custom template
:heavy-check-mark: Associate the product SKUs you wish to display on each creative


Step 1 - Creative Asset Uploads

Upload creatives asset files using a new POST call:

POSTUpload Image Asset Upload creative asset image file


Step 2 - Creative Builder

Construct new creative assets for preferred deals line items. Here we introduced four new endpoints:

GET Retailer Templates Get a list of available creative templates for a specified retailer
POST Create Creative Create a new account creative
GET Get Creative by Creative ID Get account creative by creative id
PUT Update an Existing Creative Update an existing creative


Step 3 - Creative Product SKU Collection

Launching commerce onsite display creatives requires associating product SKUs with the creative before activating a line item. To support this functionality we introduce the following new endpoints:

GET Get Product SKUs by Line-Item-Id Get a single Product SKU collection (product button)
GET Get Product SKUs by Line Item Id and Product SKU Collection Id Get all the Product SKU collection (product buttons) associated with a line item
POST Create Product SKU Collection to Line Item Create a new Product SKU collection (product buttons) on a line item
PUT Update Line Item Product SKU Collection Update a Product SKU collection (product button)
DELETE Delete Product SKU Collection from a Line Item Id Delete a Product SKU collection (Product Button)