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Open Auction


Open Auction Line Items

Each campaign consists of one or several line items. With the Criteo retail media API, you can run an ad only after creating a campaign and at least one line item.

A line item is where you will select the products and the retailer you'd like to advertise on. Each line item can consist of multiple featured products but can only run across one retailer. You will need to create multiple line items to run across multiple retailers.

Several line item settings also help you spend your budget wisely and optimize delivery.

To see all of your existing line items, please refer to line items settings

:bulb: Things to Know

  • A-line item holds promoted products to advertise on any single retailer.

  • Line items have bid settings, start & end dates, and optional budgeting & pacing controls.

  • Budgets may additionally be controlled at the campaign level.

  • Several reports are available to measure line item performance.

  • Campaigns are limited to 10,000 non-archived line items.

  • Line items are archived automatically 90 days after their end date.

Negative Keyword Targeting



This endpoint and its underlying capabilities apply ONLY to Open Auction Campaigns & Line items.
The negative keyword capability will allow you to declare keywords on which you DO NOT want your ads to run (applies to Search inventory)

Negative keyword targetting provides access to determine where a line item should serve based on the product keywords shoppers use in their search or what the shopper later purchased.

Negative Keywords may be entered as either Broad Match or Exact Match

Match TypeNegative keywordAds won't show forAds may show for
Broad matchMen's shoesMen shoes
Blue men’s shoes Men's shoe size 9
Boy’s shoes
Men’s basketball shoes
Exact matchMen’s shoesMen’s shoes
Mens shoes
Mens shoe
Blue men’s shoes
Mens shoe size 9

Exact match will instruct to block from serving line items where the keyword matches these exact keywords. Any other similar keywords are ignored. Meanwhile, Broad match is a sub-set of Exact match. This means that keywords specified under broad will be considered as both broad and exact matches

For additional details about how negative keywords work, please refer to our Support Center article available here

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