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List of Endpoints

This section contains all documentation on implementing our newest API version, version 2022-07.
This new version includes Open Auction (CPC campaigns) and Preferred Deals (CPM campaigns) Ads.

Synchronous Endpoints
- All campaign operations except for Catalogs are achieved through synchronous endpoints

Asynchronous Endpoints
- Catalogs and Reports are requested & retrieved through asynchronous endpoints


Access to Preferred Deals Endpoints

Our Preferred Deals capabilities are currently only accessible to our Retailer partners as part of our beta launch.
To gain access to Preferred Deals documentation, please reach out to your Criteo Account Manager.

List of Endpoints

Campaign Endpoints

Accounts GET/accountsLists all Accounts associated with your API credentials
Brands GET/accounts/{accountId}/brandsLists all Brands associated with the Account
RetailersGET/accounts/{accountId}/retailersLists all Retailers associated with the Account
CatalogsPOST/accounts/{accountId}/catalogsRequests the Catalog associated with the Account
GET/catalogs/{catalogId}/statusRetrieves the status of the requested Catalog
GET/catalogs/{catalogId}/outputRetrieves the output of a Catalog
BalancesGET/accounts/{accountId}/balancesLists all Balances on the Account
POST/balances/{balanceId}/campaigns/appendAdds one or more Campaigns to the Balance
POST/balances/{balanceId}/campaigns/deleteRemoves one or more Campaigns from the Balance
GET/balances/{balanceId}/campaignsLists all Campaigns on the Balance
CampaignsGET/accounts/{accountId}/campaignsLists all Campaigns within the Account
POST/accounts/{accountId}/campaignsCreates a new Campaign within the Account
GET/campaigns/{campaignId}Retrieves a single Campaign
PUT/campaigns/{campaignId}Updates a single Campaign
Line items (Generic)GET/accounts/{accountId}/line-itemsLists all Line items associated with the Account
GET/line-items/{lineItemId}Retrieves a single Line item
Promoted Products (Generic)POST/line-items/{lineItemId}/products/appendAdds one or more Products to the Line Item
POST/line-items/{lineItemId}/products/deleteRemoves one or more Products from the Line Item
GET/line-items/{lineItemId}/productsLists all Products on the Line Item
POST/line-items/{lineItemId}/products/pause Pause Products on a Specific Line Item
POST/line-items/{lineItemId}/products/unpauseReactivate Paused Products on a Specific Line Item
Line items (Open Auction)GET/auction-line-items/{lineItemId}Retrieves a single Open Auction Line item
PUT/auction-line-items/{lineItemId}Updates a single Open Auction Line item
GET/campaigns/{campaignId}/auction-line-itemsRetrieves all Open Auction line items for a single Campaign
POST/campaigns/{campaignId}/auction-line-itemsCreates an Open Auction Line item within a single Campaign
Negative Keyword Targeting GET/auction-line-items/{line-item-id}/targeting/keywordsGet All Negated Keywords on a specific Line Item
POST/auction-line-items/{line-item-id}/targeting/keywords/appendAdd Negated Keywords to a Specific Line Item
POST/auction-line-items/{line-item-id}/targeting/keywords/deleteRemove Negated Keywords from a Specific Line Item

Analytics Endpoints

  • Reports are requested & retrieved through asynchronous endpoints
ReportsPOST/reports/campaignsRequests a Campaign Report
POST/reports/line-itemsRequests a Line Item Report
GET/reports/{reportId}/statusRetrieves the status of the requested Report
GET/reports/{reportId}/outputRetrieves the output of the Report