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Device and OS dimensions are now available in Statistics v2020-10 (Preview)!

Using the Statistics v2020-10 (Preview) endpoint, you can now compare metrics across filtered fields like device or OS.

Through the device dimension, you can analyze your campaigns by the type of device that is used, whether it is a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. With the OS dimension, you can analyze your campaigns against a specific device, such as Android or iOS.

This helps you analyze your campaigns with more granularity than before.

A few other updates to the Statistics v2020-10 (Preview) endpoint:

  • Time zones are fully supported (list available in our TImezones Supported guide)
  • ROAS and AverageCart metrics are now available for every attribution model (including PC30D, PC7D, PC1D, PV24H, and PC30DPV24H)
  • Omnichannel campaigns are easier to analyze, with the xDevice parameter and the inclusion of PV24H and client attribution as new attribution models
  • App campaigns metrics have been renamed for clarity (Note: If you’ve been using Statistics already as an alpha tester, there is no need to update your metrics names. Both the old and new names will work when calling the API)

Check out the full reference here to learn more or directly create your app at