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The Criteo API empowers developers to programmatically build on the world’s largest advertising network. We have two lines of products: Marketing Solutions API and Retail Media API.

With the API, you can unlock the power of Criteo’s industry-leading innovations. Leverage Criteo's powerful targeting solutions to create flexible apps customized to your needs, then automate and scale them.



Common use cases for Marketing Solutions API

  • Automated campaign management: Programmatically set bids and CPCs by campaigns or campaign categories

  • Build custom reports: Get granular insights into campaigns, with the ability to compare performance across 100+ metrics

  • Connect your campaigns: Integrate Criteo with your own reporting software or platform for a holistic view of your advertising

  • Create and update audiences: Easily create and manage specific audience segments, using your own CRM or data from your CDP, DMP, and other sources

  • Centralized account management: Retrieve and manage all the accounts in your portfolio from a single point of entry

For advertisers managing large, complex, or many accounts, the Criteo API can help by providing fine-tuned controls, customization, and automation capabilities.

Through the API, you can also integrate Criteo campaigns with your internal or third-party tools.

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Welcome to Criteo

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