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Statistics API Endpoint


The Statistics API endpoint allows you to retrieve data related to your campaigns' performance. The specific metrics returned and the dimensions that the data is grouped by can be customized.

This enables you to merge Criteo data with other sources, build business alerting on Criteo data or programmatically manage ad spend based on campaign performance. 

This provides granularity and flexible insights to help you optimize your campaigns and better understand the results they are delivering. 


New Features in Stats Since v2021-01

Since v2021-01, Criteo's Statistics API introduces several new metrics that relate to different marketing goals and channels, including app, web and store campaigns.

Additionally, you can now specify your time zone, keep track of your product category history and retrieve a nearly real-time look at your data and campaign performance.


Known Limitation in v2021-01+

  • The maximum number of returned rows per request is limited to 100,000. As a result, you may need to fetch highly granular data by making several smaller requests.

This limitation will be addressed in future releases of the /statistics/report endpoint.