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Commerce Growth vs. Criteo API

Using the Criteo API, developers can build solutions to manage and report on campaigns programmatically. This can increase efficiency in managing large or complex accounts and campaigns.

If you’ve been using Commerce Growth, there are additional controls available in the Criteo API. Gain more flexibility and transparency in how you manage your data and campaigns.

What’s possible through the Criteo API:

  • More granular insights into your campaigns, with the ability to slice your performance across 100+ metrics
  • Customize your reports to fit your precise needs or integrate with your own reporting software or platform
  • Get centralized access to manage all your accounts from a single point of entry
  • Fully configure your Criteo experience through the API, and get full control at the campaign, ad set, & ad level (Coming soon)
  • Programmatically create and manage your Criteo campaigns, including CPCs, bids, and audiences
  • Drive operational efficiency by easily creating and managing image and third-party creatives and ads at scale
  • Use the API to build the unique solutions you need for your company or your clients