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Rate Limits

Criteo’s API enforces a rate limit which consists of a limitation on the number of requests you're able to perform on any API endpoint per minute.
This limitation is enforced to provide all of our API partners with the utmost stability towards our API infrastructure.

Rate limits are implemented at the App level and allow for a maximum of 250 requests per minute.

How it works

Exceeding the app limit of requests results in a 429 HTTP response, which will keep you from performing the action you're attempting. You can view the following information in the header:

  • x-ratelimit-limit = nb. of calls your App can perform
  • x-ratelimit-remaining = nb. of calls remaining, gets reset to 250 every minute
  • x-ratelimit-reset = timestamp

Example response with a limit set at 20 calls/seconds


How to avoid rate limits?

For the best experience, while using the Criteo API, we strongly encourage our API partners to use throttling mechanisms that allow spreading the number of calls in a larger timeframe.