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Is Criteo API for you?

With the Criteo API, you can programmatically create, manage, and scale campaigns. You may benefit from the Criteo API if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Advertiser: You require a custom solution to programmatically create, manage, and report on your Criteo campaigns beyond what’s available in Commerce Growth. You have internal engineering resources to connect to the API

  • Agency: You offer complementary tools to advertisers who lack the resources and bandwidth to directly integrate with the Criteo API

  • Partners: You offer complementary tools to advertisers or agencies to enrich their Criteo campaigns

Before getting started with the Criteo API, read about our API policies and the Onboarding checklist. You’ll want to have internal engineering resources to integrate and stay up to date with new versions. Each version is stable for a year, but new versions are released quarterly.