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Get Your Credentials and Make Your First API Call

Before you start, you’ll need to get your credentials so that you can make API requests. Your credentials are made up of an API Key and API Secret.

These allow you to access the API without needing to provide a username and password each time you make a call. Your credentials also determine which permissible actions that your app can perform.

To get your credentials:

  1. Log in to the Criteo Developer Dashboard and go to your app page (My Apps and click on view to select an app)
  2. Click on Generate and download new key to generate your set of credentials
  3. A text file will be automatically downloaded with both your API Key and API Secret. You can copy your key from the credentials dashboard as often as you need, but we can only share the secret with you once. Please save it somewhere safe!
  4. You can then authenticate using the key and the secret using the /oauth2/token endpoint to get your token

You can use this dashboard to manage your API keys. You can also delete an API key from this dashboard. The key will stay valid for fifteen minutes before deactivating.

💡 You can change the name of your set of credentials by clicking directly on the credentials name in the dashboard. For example, Troubleshooting Credentials or Production Credentials.
💡 You will be limited to five API credentials for an app (for ex. one for production, one for troubleshooting, and three others for any other use cases you'd like)