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New Campaign Taxonomy

Criteo campaigns follow a three-tier structure:
Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads.

Your marketing objective and Campaign spend limit are specified at the Campaign level.

Targeting controls and bid targets are set at the Ad Set level. Several Ad Sets can be linked to the same Campaign.

Ads are the actual media that is used to address the audience of a given Ad Set. There can be many Ads associated with a given Ad Set.


Campaign API Endpoint



Criteo's Campaign API allows you to retrieve information about the current configuration of your advertising Ad Sets.

This API allows you to search for Ad Sets based on filters, start and stop Ad Sets, and update your Ad Sets' names, start and end dates, bid amounts, frequency capping, and other targeting controls.



Campaign API Functionality for v2021.04

Currently, only Ad Sets are modifiable via the Campaign API, as they are the most similar to the targeting controls available in previous iterations of Criteo's API.

Updated 3 months ago

What's Next

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