Criteo Marketing Solutions API


The Criteo API is live, featuring an all-new developer experience

Posted by [email protected] about a month ago

The all-new Criteo API Beta is now live. Customize, automate, and measure your campaigns with our APIs’ granular controls and insights.

[Developer Dashboard] Invite your teammates to collaborate with you

Posted by [email protected] about a month ago

You can now grant your teammates access to your organization through the Developer Dashboard.


Device and OS dimensions are now available in Statistics v2020-10 (Preview)!

Posted by [email protected] 2 months ago

Using the Statistics v2020-10 (Preview) endpoint, you can now compare metrics across filtered fields like device or OS.


Upgrading to Statistics v2

Posted by Angel Fragoso 8 months ago

As an advertiser, you need granularity and flexible insights to optimize your campaigns. You need to understand how your ad dollars are delivering results.

Welcome to Criteo Changelog

Posted by Angel Fragoso 8 months ago

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for Criteo API