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Version 2022.07 release notes

Version 2022.07 of the Criteo API is live as of July 28, 2022. This is a stable API version and will be supported until July 25, 2023. Our corresponding client libraries (Python, Java, and PHP) and Postman have been updated with the new version.

In this update, there is a combination of new functionality and updates to already existing endpoints.  In addition to the APIs themselves, we have also updated the layout of the Criteo Developer Portal to improve usability.

A new authentication method is now available when you create an app. Now, as an alternative to Client credentials, you can use an Authorization code to give access to your app without revealing users' credentials.

What's new

In this release, there are no new endpoints in the stable version.

In the preview version Ad set level display targeting controls have been added to the existing preview API.  These controls include:

  • Deal ID Targeting
  • Video Positioning – Identified in UI as “Position Targeting”
  • Supply Vendors Targeting – In the UI as a subset of “Placement Targeting”

In addition, Domain/App Targeting has been added to the existing preview API as well.

What's changed

In preview, the Audience endpoints are updated to better reflect the actions that you are performing. The changes have taken place in both the path itself, with “audience” being replaced by “audience-segment” and in the verb being used. For these endpoints, GET, POST, and DELETE will all be changed to POST.  The full list of changes is:

  • GET /preview/audiences will be replaced by POST /preview/audience-segments/search.
  • POST /preview/audiences will be replaced by POST /preview/audience-segments/create.
  • DELETE /preview/audiences will be replaced by POST /preview/audience-segments/delete.

Finally, there have also been changes to the APIs to manage Creatives in Preview.  These minor changes make it easier to use the API.

  • The endpoints to preview a creative will be moved from GET to POST
  • To build a Creative element, Advertiser ID will no longer be required

In addition to these two changes, some of the element names have been updated to provide you with a more consistent experience.

  • "Partnerid" has changed to "dataset"
  • "3rd party tag" has changed to "HTML Tags"
  • 'AdTypes’ has changed to ‘Format’ 
  • ‘AdFormats’ has been removed

Lastly, a new Adaptive creative format can be created for a specific advertiser by making a POST call to the creatives endpoint.

What’s removed

MAPI endpoints have now been decommissioned following previous announcements. The endpoints below are no longer available:

  • GET /v1/advertiser/{advertiserID}/categories
  • GET /v1/advertiser/{advertiserID}/categories/{categoryHashCode}
  • GET /v1/budgets
  • GET /v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/categories
  • GET /v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/categories/{categoryHashCode}
  • GET/PUT /v1/campaigns/bids
  • GET /v1/categories
  • PATCH /marketing/v1/catalogs/products

The remaining COA endpoints (formally CRP) that were previously located in MAPI have been migrated to the Criteo API. To learn more about migrating, see our Migration FAQ