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New: A way for partners to manage authorization requests directly

To help our partners better serve our shared customers, we’ve now made it easier to manage authorization requests to advertisers.

This feature helps partners who have their own client-facing platforms. If you would like to authorize your advertisers directly from your own platform, you can now do so. The new connector enables you to manage authorization requests without the Criteo developer dashboard.

The connector helps if you manage many advertisers who need to authorize their own integrations while using your platform.

By using this feature, all an advertiser will need to do is to click on the Criteo connector in your platform. This URL will send your user to our Consent Dashboard, where they can approve the requested permissions by your app. Once approved, they’ll be redirected back to your platform.

Note that this feature requires extra development effort, and may be best suited for those with more advanced developer resources.

Check out the documentation here to learn more.