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Version 2021.07 release notes

Version 2021.07 of the Criteo API is live as of July 27th, 2021. This version will be supported until July 27th, 2022.

What’s new

Creative API
Criteo Creative API is now available to manage image and third-party creatives and ads at scale. To manage multiple marketing campaigns and streamline efforts that fit your workflows, you need a way to manage existing creatives quickly and at scale. This will eliminate repetitive and manual workflows that drive operational efficiency.

Common uses include:

  • A subscription brand frequently creates readymade image creatives for their social campaigns
  • A CPG brand uses a third-party ad server platform to build and host its creatives across each of their five markets

New creative functionality will be released quarterly, where the API will support the creation and management of dynamic ads and coupons.

Get started with the Criteo Creative API with one of our guides here.

Unleash the API for the spend management

It's now possible to update the campaign spend limits and ad set budgets programmatically. If you have already used our legacy budget API via MAPI please check the migration guide to gain an understanding of all the changes behind.