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Version 2021.10 Release notes

Version 2021.10 of the Criteo API is live as of October 19, 2021. This is a stable version of that will be supported until October 19, 2022. The new stable version carries over all functionality from 2021.07 but does not include any new endpoints or functionality.

New features are also now available in the preview version of the API, including expanded capabilities for dynamic creative, coupons, ad sets, campaigns, and data sets. You can access these features today here

As a reminder, the preview version contains features that are not expected to change once they are released in the stable version of the API.

What's new?

In the preview version, there are new features such as the creation of Campaigns and Ad Sets.

Dynamic creative can be created, updated or deleted for both display and native ad types.

Coupons can be retrieved, created, updated, deleted, or previewed.

The concept of a dataset has been introduced and the ability see its correlation per advertiser ID.

Read below for more details on each.


Campaigns can now be created through the API.

Campaigns are the structure that allows for the organization of Ad Sets. They contain a common spend limit and marketing objective for all Ad Sets contained within. See here for the anatomy of a campaign.

Ad Sets

You can now create your Ad Sets through the API.

Ad sets are the entity that brings together the information on the name, campaign ID, dataset, targeting settings, the audience, budget, and bidding. Tracking using click URL parameters can also be defined at the Ad Set level.

Within each ad set and audience must be defined. There are four types of audiences that can be configured either via Management Center or API. Audiences can be reused from what is already existing correlating to your advertiser ID (see Get Existing Audiences) or created dynamically. Audiences configured for an Ad Set can be: Similar, Website visitors, Contact List, or Custom Audiences. See here for more info on Criteo audiences.

Additional audience specific attributes such as the type of visitor (NonVisitor, homepage visitor, visitor, and/or customer), audience name, and other audience IDs to include in the Ad Set can also now be defined.


All datasets related to a specific advertiser ID can now be retrieved through the Criteo API.

Datasets are a fundamental entity to Criteo technology. They correlate to and encompass data related to your website, captured events through the ID that is passed in OneTag, product catalogs, currency, language, and country.

Advertisers can be linked to one or more datasets. On the other side, datasets connect to a single advertiser. It is a requirement to have a dataset when creating a new ad set as ad sets enable the joining of a the data from a dataset with the data correlated to an advertiser ID.

Dynamic Creative

New dynamic creative can be created, configured, updated, and deleted through the API.

When creating, you can now define dynamic creative attributes such as the logo, background color, body text, color of product prices, primary font, calls to action, and the format of product images within the banner.


Coupons can now be created, updated, deleted or previewed through the API.

Within creation you can define attributes such the landing page, start and end dates, format (logo or full frame), images, rotations, and the duration and how frequently the coupon is shown.