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[Action Required] Check your API authentication

If you have recently migrated to the Criteo API from MAPI, you may need to check your authentication. To avoid a disruption in service, make sure you are authenticating following the process that was shared in the onboarding guide here.

Use of MAPI authentication (credentials issued from Management Center) to access Criteo API endpoints will be deprecated on May 18th. You will need to check that you are generating credentials from the developer dashboard.

As a reminder, MAPI and PAPI will be deprecated on June 15th. In anticipation of this date, it will no longer be possible to create MAPI credentials in Management Center as of June 1st.

As a reminder, existing MAPI functionality will continue to exist behind the new Criteo API authentication as v2020.07. We will start to decommission Analytics and Campaigns endpoints (except /legacy/v1/campaigns/bids and /legacy/v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/categories) from July 1st on v2020.07 (Legacy).

The remaining v2020.07 endpoints will be decommissioned in the second half of the year, but we will always ensure there is an equivalent in the latest versions. These updates will be communicated in the changelog.

Learn more about migrating from MAPI here.