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[Action required]: Validating your organization details

Our clients’ account security is a top priority. To this effect, we are adding a step to validate an organization’s account details.

Developers will need to validate the email they have used to create a new organization before receiving full access to App activation. As a result, end users can be reassured of the identity of organizations requesting access to their advertising portfolios.

For existing organizations, you will need to click the link in the banner on top of the Developer Dashboard to send a validation email. This is required in order to continue creating consent URLs for your activated apps. If you have lost access to your email address, update it in your settings and we will send a validation email to your new address.

For new organizations, you’ll need to validate the email address you've supplied during sign-up. This step is required to begin activating apps.

Learn more about developer accounts, organizations, and apps here.