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Version 2022.04 release notes

Version 2022.04 of the Criteo API is live as of April 21, 2022. This is a stable version of the API and will be supported until April 21, 2023. Our corresponding client libraries (Python, Java, and PHP) and Postman have been updated with the new version.

In this update, we’ve released two new reports to our preview version, and made changes to streamline how you create ad sets.

What's new

Our endpoints for display multipliers and category bids have moved to into the stable version.

In the preview version, there are new features to enhance how you manage your campaigns, along with three new reports that are now available for you to get more transparency and insights into where your ads are appearing.

With the Top Product Report, you can discover which products in your catalog have driven the most clicks, views, or conversions. This report provides you with an analysis of your top 200 products, and can give you more insight into your product catalog.

You can also access the Creative Report to obtain more details about your creatives and their performance. You can see details such as the number of formats, display sizes, coupons, ad, and ad types that are in your ad sets. This report also has performance metrics for the number of displays, clicks and the click-through-rate generated across your creatives.

What's changed

We've made changes to how you create ad sets in our preview version. Creating audiences will be included in a separate endpoint, in order to streamline the ad set creation.

Lastly, the following endpoints from our legacy API, MAPI, have been deprecated in accordance with the Criteo API versioning policy:

  • GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories/{categoryHashCode}
  • POST /v1/audiences/userlist
  • GET /v1/audiences
  • DELETE /v1/audiences/{audienceId}
  • PUT /v1/audiences/{audienceId}
  • DELETE /v1/audiences/userlist/{audienceId}/users
  • PATCH /v1/audiences/userlist/{audienceId}
  • POST /v1/publishers/stats
  • GET /v1/campaigns
  • GET /v1/campaigns/{campaignId}
  • GET /v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/categories
  • GET /v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/categories/{categoryHashCode}