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Version 2023.01 Release Notes

Version 2023.01 of the Criteo retail media API is live as of January 17th and will be supported until January 30th, 2024. A new Postman collection will also be available in the upcoming days for 2023.01.


Version 2022.10 Release Notes

Version 2022.10 of the Criteo retail media API is live as of October 25th and will be supported until October 31st, 2023. A new version of the Criteo SDK libraries and Postman collection is also now available for 2022.10.


Bug Fix for PUT | preferred-line-item Endpoint (Preferred Deals Only)

A new bug fix was released to the Update Preferred Line Item by Line Item Id endpoint


Upcoming API Deprecations and Sunsets

Upcoming sunset of API version v2021.07 and expected breaking changes to Preview.


v2022.04 Release Notes

Documentation for the latest version of the Retail Media API is now live! See what's new in v2022.04


Announcing bulk calls and rate limits

We are pleased to announce today:


Version 2021.10 release notes

What’s new?

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