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Version 2022.01 release notes

Version 2022.01 of the Criteo API is live as of January 20, 2022. This is a stable version of the API and will be supported until January 20, 2023. Our corresponding client libraries (Python, Java, and PHP) have been updated with the new version.

In this release, we’ve moved our Placement Report to the stable version, added information about media types to our Ad Set guides, and moved our Criteo Offsite Ads guides to the developer portal.

We’ve also published our guide to using the Criteo API Postman, which can help you more easily create, maintain, and test your integrations with the Criteo API.

What’s new

The Placement Report API is moving from the preview version to this stable version. This endpoint enables customized reporting containing placement-level data from a campaign's delivery. You can analyze performance across the different placements available in a campaign's inventory.

Changes to ad sets in a single call will now be limited to fewer than 50. This will help ensure developers' experience with the Criteo API remains reliable and stable.

Additionally, we’ve updated our ad set guides to include information about Media Type (Display and Video). You can find information in the Ad Set Example and Ad Set General Info articles. The Create an Ad Set guide now includes Media Type information in the Example payload (JSON).

The Criteo Offsite Ads (also known as Criteo Reseller Program) guides are now live on our developer portal, to help you update your authentication from MAPI to the Criteo API.

The Criteo API Postman

You can now use the Criteo API Postman collection to more easily connect, build, and test your integrations with the Criteo API. Our guide here will help you get started, or you can learn more about Postman here.

Final deprecation of MAPI endpoints

The following endpoints have been deprecated in accordance with the Criteo API versioning policy. By updating to the current stable version, you can ensure your services will not be disrupted for 12 months.

  • GET /v1/advertisers/{advertiserId}/categories/{categoryHashCode
  • POST /v1/audiences/userlist
  • GET /v1/audiences
  • DELETE /v1/audiences/{audienceId}
  • PUT /v1/audiences/{audienceId}
  • DELETE /v1/audiences/userlist/{audienceId}/users
  • PATCH /v1/audiences/userlist/{audienceId}
  • POST /v1/publishers/stats