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The Criteo API is live, featuring an all-new developer experience

The all-new Criteo API Beta is now live. Customize, automate, and measure your campaigns with our APIs’ granular controls and insights.

We’ve developed the Criteo API so you can take your advertising further and build what you need to grow your business. With the Criteo API, you can architect your own custom and programmatic solutions to innovate and stay ahead. Leverage the API to create integrations just for you or for many clients.

The Criteo API features meaningful improvements from our previous APIs, including:

  • A brand new Developer Portal with everything you need to connect, build, and launch your integrations
  • A single point of entry to manage multiple advertisers in your portfolio
  • A new consent management system, to specify permissions and send authorization requests to users
  • Updated Statistics endpoint, with 100+ metrics, including app and store campaigns, so you can build custom reports or connect with your own platforms
  • If you've been using the API in Alpha, viewability metrics are now available through the Statistics endpoint
  • Updated Transaction ID report, now allowing multiple advertisers and additional time zones
  • Ability to target a list of domains or apps for your campaigns (Coming soon)
  • Automate campaign management with APIs for budget, product catalog, audiences, and more (Coming soon)

If you’ve been using our legacy APIs, PAPI and MAPI, these will be deprecated on April 1st, 2021. By participating in our beta, you will receive support from our team on the migration. You can start your migration here.

If you're using the Criteo API through a partner, you may receive an invite to join our beta program from your partner. This will allow you to get early access to the new API. We are working with many partners to update their integration. Please reach out to us if you connect to the API through a partner so we can coordinate the update with them.

Our upcoming releases are focused on bringing you more control and flexibility in how you manage your advertising. If you frequently use our API or others, we'd love to hear from you as we continue to build our API roadmap. Get in touch at [email protected].

Get started with the Criteo API with one of our migration guides here:

Further resources: