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The Criteo API is now in GA, featuring new ad set, audience, and targeting controls

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of the Criteo API to help take your advertising further and build what you need to grow your business.

With the Criteo API, you can architect custom solutions with programmatic access to your campaigns and data. Build connections with other tools in your marketing stack, such as reporting tools, CDPs, and DMPs. Leverage the API to create integrations just for you or for many clients.

The Criteo API will replace our legacy APIs, MAPI and PAPI, on April 1st, 2021. Learn about MAPI and PAPI migrations here to prevent a disruption in service.

We have been adding new functionality continuously to the API. During the beta, the API was successfully integrated globally by advertisers, agencies, and partners whose valuable feedback has helped us improve the developer experience.

What's new in General Availability:

The Criteo API also includes the same enhanced functionality from the beta:

  • A brand new Developer Portal with everything you need to connect, build, and launch your integrations
  • An API platform to manage multiple advertisers from one developer account, and invite other developers on your team to collaborate with you
  • A new consent management system, so Criteo advertisers can give access to partner apps in two clicks and change this access at any time
  • Updated Statistics endpoint, with 100+ metrics, including app and store campaigns, so you can build custom reports or connect with your own platforms
  • Updated Transaction ID report, now allowing multiple advertisers and additional time zones

You can get started with the Criteo API here. If you've been using MAPI or PAPI, you can get started with your migration now, ahead of the April 1st deprecation.

New functionality will be released in quarterly versions, and each version is stable for a minimum of 12 months.

If you're using one of our APIs through a partner, you may receive an invite from your partner that will update your integration. This will handle everything you need to start benefitting from the new API.

We are working with many partners to update their integration, such as those for reporting or for audiences (CDPs and DMPs). Please reach out to us if you connect to the API through a partner so we can coordinate the update with them.

If you have questions about the Criteo API, check out our Discussion page to ask our team and fellow developers. If you'd like early access to new features or if you have feedback for us, get in touch at [email protected].

Get started with the Criteo API with one of our migration guides here:

Further resources: