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A balance represents funds the account can allocate toward campaigns. It acts only as a spend cap across campaigns linked to the balance. When the total costs of all linked campaigns reach the balance amount, all linked campaigns will stop running, even if that occurs before the set end date.

Balance Status
Balances may have one of the following statuses, which control whether or not a balance is currently funding your campaigns:

  • :on: : Active: Your balance has available funds, and today's date is between its start and end dates. Linked campaigns can spend from this balance

  • :soon: : Scheduled: Your balance has available funds, and its start date is in the future. Linked campaigns can’t spend from this balance yet

  • :end: Ended: Your balance has run out of funds or is past the end date. Linked campaigns can’t spend from this balance anymore.

    • Campaigns must be assigned to spend from at least one balance to serve

    • Balances offer an additional lever to manage budgets in addition to controls at the campaign or line item level

    • Balances are read-only through the API - creation is limited to Admins or Business Managers through your account portal

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