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Create your app

Create an app

  • Once you have created your organization, you can access the MyApps page. This page will give you a summary of the apps you have created

  • To start creating an app, click on the Start building button. Define an app name, description, and image to create your app

  • These fields will be editable before publishing an app (for more details, see the Managing my app article)

💡 App name, image, and description these elements will be visible to the Advertisers, Brands, or Publishers you will share your App with. So please provide content describing your business and inspiring confidence in your App users.

🚨 It is temporally impossible to delete an app Deleting the App feature is not available for this first release. Don't worry, we are working on it! In the meantime, you can test creating several Apps, you will be able to clean up later.