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Create your organization

This article will help you to create an organization, which is a mandatory step to access to Developer Portal. You will be redirected to the Create an organization screen once you will have created a Criteo account.

  1. Provide your Company name, country, type and email. We will use this email to communicate you important Criteo API announcements such as new functionalities, breaking changes.. So please use an email address you will check, we will be very sad if you don’t see our communications!
  2. Optional: provide us with a website and company description. This will help us know you better and provide you with a better service!
  3. You will be redirected to the My Apps screen where you can start creating Apps.

💡 Do you need more information about company types? This won’t impact the experience you will have in developer portal but will help us to provide you with a better support. Here are some details

  • Advertiser – you are a marketer from a retail/travel/classifieds company who wants to use Criteo APIs on the behalf of your own company? This category is for you.
  • Brand – Same as above but for brands 😉
  • Agency – you work in a media agency and want to use Criteo API for a Brand on an Advertiser? You are at the right place
  • Inventory Supplier – You are at the other side and you want to use Criteo API for the Supply side, then chose this category
  • Data Supplier – Your business is more about providing 1st or 3rd party audiences? Then you are a Data Supplier
  • Technology Company – Are you a player of the adtech ecosystem wanting to use Criteo APIs (DCO, Marketing Dashboard, Measurement, Brand Safety,…)? Then you are what we call a Technology Company
  • Other - You are none of the above but you also want to use Criteo APIs? Pick this one

And one organization is not enough for you? You can also create a new organization from the following the next steps:

  1. Click on the organization button on the top right corner of the My Apps screen.
  2. An organization screen will open where you will be able to switch between different organizations. Create a new one by clicking on Create an organization.
  3. Now you should see the new organization you just created!

💡 If you want to quit the Create an organization screen just go back in your browser

Once you will create your organization, you will be able to edit the settings and invite your team [feature coming soon]. For more information please go to Managing my organization article.

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