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Campaign Structure


  • An account represents a brand, ad agency, or marketplace seller; it is a business & billing entity that contains campaigns
  • Accounts are typically managed by Criteo - please reach out to your account representative


  • A campaign represents a marketing objective and contains line items
  • Campaigns may hold line items across multiple brands and retailers
  • Campaigns have optional budgeting and attribution window controls
  • Budgets may additionally be controlled at the line item level


Access to Preferred Deals endpoints

Our Preferred Deals capabilities are currently only accessible to our Retailer partners as part of our beta launch.
To gain access to Preferred Deals documentation, please reach out to your Criteo Account Manager.

Line Items

  • A line item holds promoted products to advertise on any single retailer for all our campaign types.
  • For Open Auction campaigns: Line items have bid settings, start & end dates, and optional budgeting & pacing controls
  • For Preferred Deals campaigns: Line items have start & end dates, required budget & pacing controls and optional caping controls.
  • Budgets may additionally be controlled at the campaign level

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