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Open Auction Campaigns

An Open Auction campaign runs the first-price auction on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. Advertisers can choose the bid they’re willing to pay every time a shopper engages with their ad and take part in the inventory auction to win the placement.

:bulb: Things to Know

  • A campaign represents a marketing objective and contains line items

    • Campaigns may hold line items across multiple brands and retailers

    • Campaigns have optional budgeting and attribution window controls

    • Budgets may additionally be controlled at the line item level

    • Several reports are available to measure campaign performance

    • Accounts are limited to 100,000 active campaigns

    • Currently, only Open Auction campaigns are supported through the API

Quick Start

  1. Select products to promote from your account catalog

  2. Create a campaign

  3. Create a line item

  4. Add products to promote onto the line item

  5. Assign the campaign to an account balance

  6. Activate your line item!