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An account represents a brand, agency, marketplace seller, or retailer; it is a business & billing entity that contains campaigns. Accounts are created by Criteo, please reach out to your account representative


GET /accounts Get All Accounts

Account Attributes




id string

Account ID


name string

Account name

510 char limit

type enum

Account type

demand, supply

subtype enum

Account subtype

brand, seller

countries string array

Countries associated with the account

ISO-3166 alpha-2 (eg. US, FR)

currency string

One single currency for billing, budgeting, bid settings & campaign performance metrics

ISO-4217 (eg. USD, EUR)

parentAccountLabel string

Label used to associate multiple accounts; defaults to the account name

510 char limit

timeZone string

Account time zone

database tz syntax, eg. America/New_York, Europe/Paris, UTC

Get All Accounts

This endpoint lists all accounts that your API credentials have access to. Response results will be provided in paginated form


Sample Request

curl -X GET "https://api.criteo.com/2022-04/retail-media/accounts" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer myaccesstoken"

Sample Response

    "data": [
            "type": "RetailMediaAccount",
            "id": "18446744073709551616",
            "attributes": {
                "name": "Account 123",
                "type": "demand",
                "subtype": "brand",
                "countries": ["US"],
                "currency": "USD",
                "parentAccountLabel": "Parent Company 123",
                "timeZone": "America/New_York"
        // ...
            "type": "RetailMediaAccount",
            "id": "17087025952598080003",
            "attributes": {
                "name": "Account 789",
                "type": "demand",
                "subtype": "brand",
                "countries": ["FR",
                "currency": "EUR",
                "parentAccountLabel": "Parent Company 123",
                "timeZone": "Europe/Paris"
    "metadata": {
        "totalItemsAcrossAllPages": 80,
        "currentPageSize": 25,
        "currentPageIndex": 1,
        "totalPages": 4,
        "nextPage": "https://api.criteo.com/2022-04/retail-media/accounts?pageIndex=2&pageSize=25",
        "previousPage": "https://api.criteo.com/2022-04/retail-media/accounts?pageIndex=0&pageSize=25"

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