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Line Items


Each campaign consists of one or several line items. You can run an ad only after creating a campaign and at least one line item.

A line item is where you will select the products and the retailer you'd like to advertise on. Each line item can consist of multiple featured products but can only run across 1 retailer. To run across multiple retailers, you will need to create multiple line items.

There is also a number of line item settings to help you spend your budget wisely and optimize your delivery.

With the Criteo API, you will be able to:

  • :briefcase: Manage your retail media line items

  • :money-with-wings: Configure line items such as budgets, flight dates, bids (Open Auction only), and targeting capabilities (Preferred Deals only)

  • :page-with-curl: Retrieve and advertise products from your product catalog

:bulb: Things to Know

Line Item Settings

  • A line item holds promoted products to advertise on any single retailer

  • Line items have basic settings such as start & end dates, optional budget settings & associated retailers on which ads are served

  • Budgets may additionally be controlled at the campaign level

  • Several reports are available to measure line item performance

  • Campaigns are limited to 10,000 non-archived line items

  • Line items are archived automatically 90 days after their end date

Promoted Products

  • A promoted product specifies the product to promote on a line item

  • Identify eligible products to promote through your account catalog

  • Each product may be optionally configured with a specific amount to bid with

  • Line items are each limited to 500 promoted products

Getting started

  1. Select products to promote from your account catalog

  2. Create a campaign

  3. Create a line item

  4. Add products to promote onto the line item

  5. Assign the campaign to an account balance

  6. Activate your line item!


Access to Preferred Deals capabilities

Our Preferred Deals capabilities are currently only accessible to our Retailer partners as part of our beta launch.
To gain access to Preferred Deals documentation, please reach out to your Criteo Account Manager.